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Helen Fonkwo Mama's Niece January 14, 2016

You will be so greatly missed but I know you are in a good place resting with the Lord.

Your passing came as a complete shock to myself, my daughter Tamara and my sister's Phyllis and Florence Aka Mamie Yaya. I thought you looked really well having been with you just a few days before your passing. I was more concerned about Mama's health and not you. You were such an honourable man and slipped away silently like a gentle giant without any fuss or trouble.

I will forever cherish all the wonderful moments we spend together over the Christmas Holidays. Papa, you had such a dry sense of humour and always very welcoming and prayerful. You touched all of us in different ways and never fail or forget to ask about everyone that was close to you.

The 09/12/2015 will forever be a memorable day for me as we had a really nice long chat and that led to a wonderful long prayer session. As per my daughter Tamara, she timed the prayer and told you afterwards that it lasted one and half hours and as usual you just smiled. You promised to give us copies of the family prayer and been a man of principle, you kept to your promise and copied the prayer and brought copies up to Akum personally. Wooh!!! You will  be so missed
We also spend a great time in Akum on the 13/12/2015 as well as on 20/12/2015 at Mamie Yaya's memorial service. I remembered specifically how you held my hands for such a longtime and told me it was a great occasion but it was time to go back to Njimafon and rest.  

Christmas day was also the same. You came round the dinner table when we all gathered in Njimafon and made sure everyone was fed and satisfied. Little did I know that was your way of saying goodbye. I could go on and on.

Papa, you lived a fulfilling and well deserved life. You accomplished your mission on earth and the good Lord gently took you in your sleep. Rest in peace. You went in such an honourable manner to meet our mother Yaya Mary Lum Ndikum who went ahead some six years ago and all the departed ones. I know you two are both in a good place with the Lord. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and the souls of all the departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

With all our love

Helen Fonkwo & Family 
Florence Mawun Niece of Mama January 14, 2016
Your absence just recently hit me as I was going through site. You have been the only father that I have known growing up. You treated me just like a daughter fondly addreessing me as "Mama" but never failing to scold at me with love when I erred. Looking back at those times, I thought your were strict and mean. However, I came to realize that your were a disciplinarian and wanted the best out of all your children.
Above all I will forever cheerish the times that we spent in Cameroon recently. Helen, Tamara, and myself came to the house on 12/09/15 and you insisted that we should pray. You took your time and the prayeer last about an hour and thirty minutes according to Tamara. You made sure that you made us copies of the prayers as we had requested. Papa, you made sure you brought copies of the prayers and personally delivered them to me in Akum. I remember you handed the prayer to me and stated " here are copies of the prayers, make sure you all read it". Little did I know that you were handing me your last gift. I truly appreciate it and will make sure I say that prayer daily. I remember walking you to the car on 12/20/15 after Mamie Yaya's memorial service. You clinged onto me as if you did not want to let me go. You fondly told me that you were fine after I asked if you were okay. You smiled up to me  and instructedme to return to the guests. Whaow, Papa, I cheerish December 20th 2015 so much!!!. All the pictures we took, the petty talk, and your tenderness. Everything holds so much meaning today and Always.
You passed on to the Lord like a Saint. Without bothering in anyone. Peacefully in your sleeep.  Mama joyfully shared with me the other day that Mamie Yaya took all the illness from Anyu and yourself when she passed. I know you have also taken away all the illness from Mama and each and everyone of us with you. I know you are with the the Lord at this time. Rest in Peace  Perfect Papa. 

Florence Ndikum- Mawun, aka Mamie Yaya.
Abi Ngwa I Love You Granpa January 14, 2016

Tribute to grandpa
You've always been my hero
you've always been my pride
you've always given all your love and
shown what's deep inside
thank you for teaching us how to walk by faith and not by sight.
I love you grandpa

~Abi ngwa

Memories of my grandpa•
One time during the school year when my grandpa came to visit us in our house in Bowie, grandpa found the nearest church and decided to take me with him one Saturday morning. Not knowing that I would be learning a valuable life lesson that day, we walked for what seemed to be miles and miles. I remember complaining a lot on the way there and grandpa told me this
"I know you can't see your destination yet, and you won't know how long it will take you to get there, or the bumps and trials you will meet along the way but just hold on tight, we'll get there"
I'll miss you grandpa

~Abi ngwa

Nicholas Awah Tabong Ngwa Tribute To Granpa January 14, 2016

Tribute to grandpa

There was no other like Grandpa. His strength for his age alone was admirable. He was a role model. He was as strict as he was kind. His accomplishments are those that we can look up to and try to even surpass. We cannot be sad with his passing. For me, there isn't a doubt in my mind that he is already resting with the Lord. His immense faith in God and the power of prayer was inspiring. Grandpa never missed church if he could help it. He instilled in all of his children and grandchildren the ability to have faith in the Lord no matter the circumstances. That is an achievement that can never go unnoticed. Grandpa was known by many and will be dearly missed by all those who he has had an impact on. Visiting Bamenda will not be the same without him.

Nicholas Awah Tabong Ngwa

Fonmedig Kids REST WELL Papa January 12, 2016

Dear Papa,

The news of your passing was unexpected and hit us all like a bolt of lightning! In our frail and selfish humanity, we thought you were a life fixture that will live forever. It will indeed be very strange and will take a little getting used to, to come back home and not find you there, ready to counsel!!! It will also be impossible to fill the gaping hole you have left in the family. Like one of our brothers said on hearing the news of your passing; “a baobab tree has fallen” indeed!

You lived an admirable long and fulfilled life and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you completed your mission here on earth and are now taking up your much deserved rest by His Right Hand.

An icon, you were - We as a family want to thank you for leading by example. We want to thank you, for setting such a high bar as a standard for us all to attempt to emulate. As a strong believer in the power of education, you inspired us to work hard in order to be successful and you encouraged us throughout our individual journeys through school. We want to thank you for the huge contribution you made, in inspiring us all to live and live well. We want to thank you for showing us and the world how to live like a family - how a husband, father, grandfather is supposed to gather his children and keep them in unity always. We want to especially thank you, for standing in as a father to us after our dad departed this world in May of 2003. You played a huge role in facilitating his burial ceremony and all the other cry-die activities thereafter and most especially, you took great care of our mother, Mami Aggie - making sure she was doing well and coping with her new situation as a widow. Above all papa, we want to thank you because you showed us all how to love God, believe in Him and serve Him completely.

As children growing up, we saw you with our little eyes as mean. However, as adults, and looking back we came to appreciate, love and admire you for what you stood for in the compound and the entire Akumawing clan in general. They say, a king is never accepted in his own home town, that saying cannot be truer in your case, with respect to our family dynamics. Because you were consistent, firm, unrelenting and will not back down or condone with any wrong doing by anyone around you, including your extended family members, you were often misunderstood and regarded as mean spirited. Because you were bent on being on time for any activity for which you were to part take, you were seen as unnecessarily strict. Because you were a principled administrator, some regarded you as difficult. All these, we came to realize as adults, are the right things to do and the correct way to live and conduct oneself. We thank you for impacting into us all, these very strong values and guiding principles!!!

You loved God so much, and served Him throughout your life with your entire being. And our good Lord, being the supreme remunerator of all good things, in turn rewarded you tremendously.  He blessed you with excellent health throughout your life, a great career, many great friendships and above all, a beautiful, well accomplished and kind children with golden hearts. He increased your days to four scores and eight, allowing you to live long enough to see your great grandchildren. What more could we have asked for? You died a great family man, legend in your social circles, strong pillar in the Christian community, a phenomenal happy and contented great grand pah!!!  What a legacy you have left us all with!! We can only struggle to use this road map in our own daily struggles as we attempt to keep up with your impeccable example. 

Fare thee well papa Ngwa. We will miss you profoundly, but we are consoled by our fervent believe in the Resurrection. Please hug and extend special love and greetings to our beloved dad, your brother, papa Anthony Ngwa Fonmedig, who went ahead some 14 years ago. We know he is all smiles and has helped in preparing a huge banquet to welcome your triumphant entry. May your soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed through the MERCY OF GOD rest in perfect peace AMEN.

With all our love!  
Your children,

The Fonmedigs.


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